21 day transformation

She did it! Cassandra Matthews lost an incredible 15kg and she is looking fantastic.

Cassandra’s Method:
I have tried so many different ways to lose weight over the past 5 years and every type of diet. The problem is I kept regressing back to my old ways every time it ended.

So, how I finally conquered the flab was by turning to the most natural and primal way of eating, “WHOLE FOODS, LESS CARBS”. Now, there’s more to it than this but that was my basic philosophy.

Because your body is Insulin sensitive in the morning it’s best to avoid carbohydrates to allow your body to burn your body fat instead of carbs. So by doing that, burning fat is exactly what happened and fast. I basically limited any whole food carbs to the evening and only ate fat and protein in the mornings and throughout the day (With healthy vegetables of course”

This was by far the most effective way to deal with fat loss for me and i’d advise your to do the same.

Now there are a number of fantastic resources to learn about this and here they are:

  1. Primal blueprint
  2. Marks daily apple
  3. Bulletproof blog
  4. Renegade diet

That’s it. Pure and simple.
So how does she look?

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Morning Ritual For You To Live A Healthy Life


Having a healthy life is your ticket to enjoy every minute you are here in this world. Some of us are too consumed with our work or career that we lack the time and energy to spend time with our family. Before things can get out of hand, let me show you a morning ritual you can do easily. Do this for a month and you can see changes. Your outlook in life will be changed. Your body will have more energy to do socializing with friends and bonding with your family.

You must at all cost follow through this ritual. Be dedicated to fulfilling them every morning right before you go to work. Temptations will be there. Do resist them. This will test you on how disciplined and determined you are in having the kind of life you want to have. You will be able to be the person you want to be.

Here are four activities you should do every morning:

1. Be thankful of what you have.

The usual routine that everyone of us does is to turn off the alarm clock, rush towards the shower, drink coffee and off we go to the office. We already have started our day rushing ourselves, being exhausted catching up on things we should do. This should not be the case. Do start your morning right by waking up, taking a 2-minute of silence while you sit on your bed thinking of all the things you have. This will boost yourself to give you a dose of energy to star your day.

2. Read motivational quotes or pages of a self-help book for 5 minutes.

You need to feed your mind in order to keep you on your toe while you go through all your day. You can start off by reading pages of a self-help book or motivational quotes. Doing this will give your mind more knowledge which could be useful in the future. Apart from that, it is one way of exercising your mind, stimulating its cells, and making it functional.

3. 5-minute exercise.

health-and-fitness3Next on the list should be doing a 5-minute exercise. This energize your body to start the day right. You might think it is quite short time to do an exercise but it is a good start. Why? Most of us even feel exhausted on first two minutes. Do this every morning and you will see a change on how you go about your day. You will feel more alive and energetic. It is as if you can face what ever challenges do come your way.

4. Eat mild and healthy breakfast.

Leading Sydney dentists SHDC say skipping breakfast is a big no! You need to fill up your tummy, your body with the right food in order to have enough energy to hurdle the day. Drinking coffee alone will not do you good. You need to eat protein, carb, and fiber. Be sure to take your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. These will help you big time. You will not feel tired fast, and you can do your daily tasks easily.

As you can see, it will take few minutes of your time in the morning. The impact on your life would be huge. You will be able to see a whole and new improved you in just a matter of 30 days or so. Be sure you are going to stick with the ritual no matter what. This is for your own good. It works well for me, and so it will for you. I can now spend quality time with my kids when I go home from work and even have time for my friends every Friday for a night out.

Healthy eating tips video: